International Animation Festival
International Animation Festival

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

University ORT Uruguay is hosting the 18th edition of the annual International Animation Festival. Students and professionals are invited to present their animated short films in the open call. The selected pieces shall be exhibited during the festival and will participate for great prizes in each category. The FIA’24 festival will take place on November 7, 6 and 8, 2024 in Montevideo, Uruguay.


FIA’s goal is to broadcast, share and amplify the work of students and graduates of animation schools around the world. At FIA we also seek to become a platform for artistic and technological reflection in the discipline. 


Any animated short film will be able to participate regardless of the genre, theme or country of origin, having been created in or after 2021. 

Each Director may individually present a maximum of six pieces. A registration form must be completed for each of the pieces presented. 

The short films may have been made for film, video, TV or internet. 

The maximum duration of the pieces is 20 minutes, including credits. 

To be admitted, the materials must be presented in Spanish, English or subtitled in any of these languages, preferably in Spanish.

Papers that exalt religious, racial, gender or any form of discrimination will not be accepted.


  • Animated short film 
  • Experimental animation short film 
  • Advertising short / video clip 
  • Student short film


To participate, it is necessary to complete this form. Please specify the download link for the short film. 

Submission and participation are free for all participants. 

The Board of Directors of FIA’24 will agree on the schedule for the screening. 


October 1, 2024.


The organizers of FIA will be responsible for the curation of the short films. The final selection will be announced at least one week before FIA’24 begins. 

The jury members will be renown figures of the animation and audiovisual industry; they will be announced after the submission deadline. The decision made by the jury will be final and absolute. Likewise, the jury may declare any of the categories void.  


The jury will be responsible for granting the distinctions mentioned below: 

  • Grand Jury Prize: U$S 1000
  • Best Uruguayan Short Film: U$S 500
  • Best Uruguayan Short Film in student category: certificate
  • Best International Short Film in the student category: certificate
  • Best Animated Short Film: certificate
  • Best Experimental Animated Short Film: certificate
  • Best Advertising Short / Video Clip: certificate


In case the Grand Jury Prize coincides with the Best Uruguayan Short Film, this last prize will be awarded to the work that occupies the second place in said category. 

The same rule will be applied to the Best Short Film for both the Uruguayan and international student categories. 

In addition to the distinctions, the jury may award Special Mentions to short films that are outstanding in technical or aesthetic aspects.  


Participants agree that the works can be kept by the organization, as well as accept that they be exhibited publicly or privately – with the only condition that it is free and for educational or cultural purposes only. 

Acceptance of Terms & Conditions 

By submitting their work, all participants fully accept the rules of the Festival.

In case a situation not covered by Terms & Conditions of the festival arise, it will be resolved by FIA’s organizers. 

About Copyright 

The organization accepts the participation of those works that use pre-existing images and / or sounds. The organization is not responsible for the original rights regarding third parties, which is entirely under the responsibility of the participant. 


For inquiries, please write to us.

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